Sunday, July 15, 2018

Rockstar Shatter from Cannabismo. Gooey Goodness

Sponsors have been a bit hard to come by these days, but I scraped up enough of a budget to buy a few samples from two different dispensaries. This 0.5 gram of Rockstar shatter came in a nifty sampler from Cannabismo. At first glance, it seemed rather unassuming, just another ordinary sample of shatter. I was in for a surprise.

While this isn't my first go around with Rockstar, (no review here at this time, sorry), it would be my first experience as a concentrate. The name shatter doesn't really apply to this  batch, as I was about to find out. After taking some preliminary pics of the product, I opened up the heat sealed ziploc pack. This is where the surprise comes in. In my life I have never smelled a shatter as pungent as this one. It was here I knew I had something pretty sweet. I pulled it away from its pack and got my fingers greasy with the oils that had melted away. Dang, I thought, that's not good.

But what can you do? Quite a few dispensaries have notices up on their sites regarding shipping edibles in the Canadian summer heat. Heat effects cannabis concentrates as well; these things happen. I opened up the gooey envelope before me and saw that not all had melted away, but it had the look of crumbly wax and runny honey.  It was a mess, alright, but wow, did it smell  amazing. I licked my oily fingers, (ew, but I will do it again), and the strong terpenes filled my senses. The flavour profile of Rockstar is primarily earthy, spicy and grape. In my case it was like munching down on a pine branch. I inhaled sharply; this was gonna be a good trip.

After cleaning up my fingers, I set about taking the best pics my skill set will allow. I was recently told that my pics could improve with a cold blue light as opposed to the warm light I had been using. However, things were not going smoothly earlier in the pic session, and now, with the oily paper sliding here and there, I was feeling irritated and a bit bitchy. I tossed the goo in the freezer to make it easier to handle. I will not deny that also at this time, the Rockstar shatter was smelling so potent, I could not resist temptation. It was time to test this goo out.

My head was already enjoying a slight buzz after having licked my oily fingers, but I was a bit nervous and excited. Rockstar was a bit hard to handle, even after being in the freezer for a few minutes. For this occasion, I fitted The Cosmonaut with a brand new coil, I wanted the best and truest flavour from this shatter. I got the head loaded up for my trip, but it was a struggle to get the goo to stick to the coil. Rockstar wanted to stick to everything except the coil. Nevertheless, it got done, and I even remembered to snap a few pics while everything was nice, clean and sharp looking.

Those dank hoots calmed my ruffled feathers. It was like sitting down with an old friend, chatting up a storm and then ending the session with a big hug. My body felt wrapped in a warm and mild pressure, pushing aside the fibromyalgia pain that has been aching in my hips. The mind and body were satisfied, content, blissful. Even with Rockstar being an Indica Dominant Hybrid, there is little in the way of a sedative effect that one would expect. This was as good a time as any to go get milk and bread, but I  few more dabs would make everything so much better. Maybe.

Truth is: I am a glutton, and that is the real reason and that was why I needed a few more dabs. The pine-spice-grape taste of this Rockstar concentrate was out of this world. My most recent shatter purchase was a low grade Pink Kush, sourced elsewhere, which helped me with my cannabis-fueled art project. That shatter had been an improvement over previous batches -better flavour. I have no real clue as to what grade of concentrate this batch of Rockstar was. But judging by what Cannabismo has on their menu, listing only AAA concentrates and above, it may be a safe bet to say that this was a AAA choice at one time.

In all, I would describe the Rockstar shatter experience like this: Quick, hard-hitting sessions filled with intense fruity, earthy flavour that comes with relief from pain. The Rockstar rich and enticing aromas will leave you breathless, content and craving another session. The effect from the Rockstar shatter is no slouch either, as my fibromyalgia pain was reduced to a tolerable level. The sedative effect that comes with Indica Dominant Hybrids is not present in the beginning,  but it will catch up later on and deliver you to Napsville. A blissful experience worthy of a five star rating.

Rockstar cannabis strain is the child of Rockbud and Sensi Star. This potent herb is said to have a 70% Indica to 30% Sativa ratio, and a healthy THC level of 14% to 19%. In concentrated form, the THC levels are significantly more. At the time of this writing, Cannabismo no longer has any of this batch in stock; no listing to be found. Perhaps a bit unfortunate, but their current available selection will leave you breathless as it did me.

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Crack-a-lackin' Green Crack from Faircannacare

Sure does smell nice, I thought to myself as I pulled the Green Crack nug out of its baggie. I had spent a good chuck of the afternoon reading up on this strain of cannabis, and it has me puzzled. Green Crack is usually a Sativa Dominant Hybrid with a 65 : 35 Sativa to Indica ratio, but there is a less popular Indica Dominant that is a descendant from the Afghani strain. While in order to get a hybrid, you need one of each, some of my resources claim that the Sativa-strong strain came from inbreeding Skunk #1. By crossing a plant back to itself, the result should only a pure Sativa or Indica, not a hybrid. Strange.

A bit put off by my lack of factual knowledge, I decided to get through the photo session as it was already getting late in the  afternoon. Even with its less than perfect condition, this fat nugget took some pretty pictures. Gravity was less than pretty during this picture session, it seemed that every time I had the scene all set up, something would slide or roll off. Eventually I managed to get all of the pics done, not without me pulling out my hair in frustration. But the payoff for my patience was here; I packed my first chamber of Green Crack and started my session at 10:00PM. The famed Sativa effects would be what I would need to power through the notes and experience.

These days have found me busy. While I haven't locked myself out, my time has been better spent on my art. With these small abstract paintings, I want to auction them off, (original art pieces), to raise money to keep this blog going. This will help with my "Bud Budget" as it's been hard to find sponsors who are willing to donate strains. Money is always an asset in any job, and writing about what Canadians can buy from our cannabis dispensaries is no different.

As I mused and passed thoughts through my mind, my Zeus Smite was heating the Green Crack to vapour temperature. I puffed on my vape, much the same way men of old would puff on their pipes filled with tobacco. It was properly pungent, now strongly tasting of pine and citrus. The thick vapour also held a nice tang, with with hashy and spicy notes towards the end. The most memorable taste was of an orange citrus, almost like an orange Creamsicle from when I was a kid. The second chamber was just as pleasing as the first, but I coughed way too much to want a third. Funny how that works.

While Green Crack has an unattractive name by some, (redubbed as Green Cush), the taste is very enjoyable no matter how you look at it. The effects are exceptional. This would be a great 10:17, mid-morning hoot; it pairs well with coffee and doughnuts. Props to all you ninja tokers out there who toke and function at their jobs.

After an hour had passed, I was ready for another chamber. These "peaceful and calming" effects are in turn, energizing. As though the pieces of my scattered mind was brought home, joined together, soothed and balmed. With this, the mind gathered up energy and focus.

Green Crack is known for giving the user focus and in larger amounts, semi-psychedelic effects. With my tolerance, I wasn't feeling anything too "trippy", but music did sound better than usual, and that really was the most amazing pickle I munched up. Don't let the single "A" fool you, there's plenty of good in this herb. I feel Faircannacare has given this bud the proper grade. The smell is there, but is not nearly as strong the grades above it. Regardless,  my room was noticeably skunky after leaving the busted herb out in the open.  No choice but to bust out some incense.

But before I ended the night, I wanted a last chamber. So I fired  up the Zeus Smite, only to see red flashes. I plugged it into its charger, and chose "Stinky Pinky", a glass pipe from my collection. Truth be told, it is not pink in colour, but orange. But, as nothing rhymes with orange, pink works for the name. I packed a generous bowl, my lighter and outside I went. At 1:30 AM, Wednesday morning, small town quiet is... quiet. Less cops down the allyway these days too. Grateful for that, I lit the bowl.

Woodsy and earthy, strong and satisfying smoke. Piquant and hashy. The citrus notes still held true as well as nice skunky stink. The smoked trailed off into the still night as I puffed on my pipe. The quiet session was the perfect way to finish off my Green Crack experience. Now well toked out, burnt out and showered up, I crashed on my ever lovin' bed.

Faircannacare has Green Crack listed as an A grade strain and can be yours for $5.00 a gram, or $110.00 for 28 gram sack.

Monday, July 2, 2018

Super Silver Haze: Canada Day Tokes from GanjaGal

This was a good choice for Canada Day! I am chuffed to have had the opportunity to toke on this wee bit of herb, Super Silver Haze. The sample made it possible to enjoy three very tasty chambers from my Zeus Smite, plus a pipe hoot. This experience was as delightful as it was delicious; short and sweet.

Super Silver Haze from was smelling sweet right out of the baggie. Sadly, it had also undergone some heavy handling in shipment. Even so, there was still plenty of glitter on those budlets. The smell was not overpowering, hints of skunk with  berries, ginger and spice, pepper; all quite nice. Here, I thought, will be a nice Sativa haze, a perfect "pick me up" for the afternoon. I was mistaken.

Even though Super Silver Haze is a Sativa Dominant Hybrid, the latter part of its buzz hits like a freight train. My plan for the afternoon was to finish up with the pics and do the usual test, experience, and notes. Then maybe I would head over to a friend's to help shave down a cat.  From those two chambers I put through my Zeus Smite, I was so mellow and relaxed I had a hard time finishing up today's to-do list.

The buzz was a bit on the short side, just shy of two hours, but the munchies are full on. Make sure you have a stocked cupboard or you might find yourself, as I did, making pasta while fighting off couchlock.

The taste of this herb is something else! I cannot get enough of this amazing sweet, spicy flavour. The vapour from the Zeus Smite was deliciously pungent and creamy. The after notes lingered long after the sesh was done. The Sativa side shines through with a clear headed buzz, and the Indica fits right in, relaxing tense and tight muscles. What surprised me was how much it heightened my senses, colours were more vivid, and certain noises stood out from the background rumble.

This is a great strain for pain, anxiety and insomnia. Super Silver Haze has won plenty of awards in the late 90s. To obtain such deliciousness, growers crossed Skunk with Northern Lights and then with a pure Haze. The result was a Sativa Dominant Hybrid with THC levels hovering around 23%. This strain is quite popular amongst medicinal users. has sadly run out of this tasty-tasty. With the listing still up on their website, I certainly hope that they plan to restock in the near future. Many thanks to for sponsoring this blog post with this wonderful bit of bud!


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Friday, June 29, 2018

Hemp Wrap Blunts by Cyclone. What a way to finish the day!

These handy hemp wraps are the last item in the surprise box that Kanapost sent in. I gave a sneak peek at these way back when I posted my experience with their Pink Kush. I saved these for last just on the fact they are so cool.

I have always liked the idea of a big cannabis cigar of sorts. This hemp wrap fits all my needs. It's simple to fill, has no tobacco, and is a big fat cannon when it is all said and done. The two flavours that Kanapost picked were Sugar Cane and Wonderberry; Sugar Cane was my first pick, the smell did remind me of actual sugar cane.

Upon opening the resealable tube, I caught a whiff of a pleasant sweetness, and I made a plan to stuff both of those beauties to the brim with some really stinky Romulan. The process was simple enough, a small plastic packing stick is included inside. I busted up some nugs and stuffed away. When that was done, I licked the tip, and rolled it in some kief I had in the Zeus Temple.

This blunt was an impressive creation indeed. It was almost too much for one person to smoke alone. So I called up a fellow toker who lives in the building and showed him what I had put together. He was at my door in two minutes flat. It was nearing 4:20, so we headed out for a walk and a toke. These pre-rolled tubes can hold about a gram and a half -I didn't weigh it out, just an approximate guessitmation. While this  blunt easily could have accommodated a third person, we did well walking, talking and toking on this cannon. The Romulan was a good choice for filler, it played nice with the flavour in the hemp wrap, making it a tasty treat for two. By the time I got home, I felt right and proper stoned. Satisfied as fuck.

Having one pre-rolled blunt left, I headed over to a friend's place for a BBQ and introduced them to this nifty invention. Their eyes widened and they both commented on how long it was. I set about packing it full of the Romulan I used in the other. What was good for one, is good for  the other, so I licked the tip and rolled it in some kief. I know for a fact that if I had some hash oil, I would have used that to make the kief stick to the blunt. As the burgers cooked, we all passed that blunt to the left. This was a perfect way to open up one's appetite for supper. We all agreed that from the price, these hemp wrap blunts are perfect for a celebration. Keep in mind the amount of cannabis required to fill these tubes can get pricey.

With a happy food baby,  and couchlock coming in fast, I headed home for a nap.

My overall score for these wraps is a clear 5 stars. You can't go wrong with buying one of these. While you are buying hemp wraps from, keep in mind that they also  have some amazing AAAA strains. That would be a most amazing experience.

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Can't get enough of that Sugar Kush!

Hello once again! Today I want to introduce you to my everyday, all day smoke and toke. Faircannacare has this interesting Sugar Kush for an unbelievable  $2.00/gram. What's the catch, you ask; why so cheap? Well, faircannacare has this listed as a B- grade tokable.

What does a B- grade taste like anyway?

Well... it's a trip for sure.

Faircannacare hasn't revealed the reason that all of their offerings in the 2, 3 and 4 dollar menu all taste the same. But I surfed the information highway for "alternative methods of curing cannabis" and I hit upon a method that makes sense as to why it the Sugar Kush, (and all the others) have this distinct dill flavour.

Waitaminute... this herb tastes like dill, you ask.

Yes. Tastes of, and it smells like dill.

After ruling out water curing and dry ice curing, "sweat curing" appears to be my most likely method that is used to cure their cannabis.  A sweat cure is a method that is popular in South America, where huge amounts of plants are put into a 15 x 20 foot area, in the sun and layered with paper to help absorb the moisture from the plants. The crop is piled about 18 inches high and covered to make the plants heat up and sweat out their moisture. Microbial action also causes  the plants to heat up and  ferment. Cannabis oils are very sensitive to heat, so being exposed to the of this process, darkens the bud to a deep green with amber tones.

It's the fermentation that alters the terpenes by degrading them with heat, leaving them with the strong earthy/musty smell. This flavour is an acquired taste for some, but once found, it's a taste you enjoy.

If you are interested in digging deeper into this method of cannabis curing,  look up "Sweat Curing cannabis", and "Malawi Style Cob Curing"

Again... this is just my theory on how it's done. Faircannacare is keeping their lips sealed on the issue.

Is it any good?

Myself,  I have bought 19 ounces from their  $2.00 menu, the bulk of it being Sugar Kush, since December. Looking at the reviews hosted on their product pages, these offerings have a very strong fan base.

Faircannacare's decision to list it as a B- grade is gutsy move. Most dispensaries would hesitate to list such a product. While some places do offer a $2.00 selection, the bud tends to be on the mild taste. Even though it has earned its grade for having such a unique taste, it is very  effective in what it does.

While I do use this throughout the day, I decided to have a three chamber sesh from the Zeus Smite as I do most of my strain experiences. So I started at 2:00, and within the next 15 minutes, I had earned myself a powerful Indica buzz. The taste of dill is present, but if you let your senses and imagination take over, you may find yourself thinking of piles of freshly fallen leaves from autumn, a musty, deep and earthy flavour. As the timer ticks down on the Smite, those flavours turn to pleasant roasted nutty flavour, with a hint of hash here and there.

By 2:36, I wanted to have another, even though I already had a great buzz. I am being a glutton. But, BOOYAH! I'm feeling fine, like sugar and wine.

3:04. I had hella-munchies and destroyed a bag of chips. Back to chores and notes. Overall mood is pretty easy-going and carefree. No couchlock or burnout at this time.

This is all pretty routine, I do some work, some chores, then go for a toke break. Today was a bit different in that I didn't feel the need for a nap -no burnout, even though I spent much of it toking on a kush.

Let's chat about Sugar Kush itself. This potent pure Indica comes from the Netherlands, where breeders crossed Kandy Kush with Hashplant and then Northern Lights #1. The result is a delightful looking bud that glitters with tricomes. Typically it is a heavy hitter with THC levels clocking in at 18% to 20%. Sugar Kush has a flavour profile that includes pine, woody and earthy. In this particular batch, those notes and terpenes have been altered by the curing process.

To finish up this bud experience, I will reiterate that this is my workhorse strain. It's what I reach for to help keep my Fibromyalgia pain in check. Had I gone through an LP, my doctor prescribed amount would be for six grams of cannabis products per day. Not one LP could come close to what Faircannacare has listed. I also need to mention that in the time I put these nuggets away for the article, Faircannacare,  raised their price from $2.00 a gram and $50.00 for 28 grams, to $2.50 a gram and $60.00 for 28 grams. I toyed with the idea of switching over to a different dispensary for my regular tokes, but I actually missed this flavour. It's one of a kind.